2 Weeks in a little set back

Well I didn’t get up until 6:30 today, I wasn’t feeling great. I took some sinus meds, ibuprofen and headed off to work. Then probably because I wasn’t feeling great this morning, I got 2 doughnuts and iced coffee from dunkin doughnuts. (It was pretty delicious). Not my best decision so far, but it happens. Also when I weighed myself this morning I’m about the same as last week I believe. I’m ok with that though, I know weight loss goes in spurts.

Work ended up being really short today. So I was able to make it into the gym, I got 10 minutes of stairs, about an hour of lifting in, 10 minutes if rowing, and 5 minutes of walking. Felt super good to get in a good workout after a bad breakfast. It’s ending up to be a great day so far even though it did not start out ideally. We are supposed to go to a wood fired pizza place tonight for dinner, I am really excited about that because it is pretty amazing. I’ll try to check back in later.

Ok so quick update. We did go to the wood fire pizza place and holy shit was it awesome. I ate way too much, but it was worth every bite. I will be working it off for the next few days for sure. We went with my wife, kids, parents, grandpa, aunt, cousin and her son, it was a blast, well worth it.

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