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3 Tips for a Successful Week

I been working on bettering myself for several years now, with mild success. Over the last few weeks I’ve really dug down, and got some concrete habits started. The things I’ve done any one can do or start at anytime to push yourself toward achieving goals you set for yourself.

1. Get up earlier: I have never been a big morning person, but I’ve made it a priority to get up earlier. The mornings I’ve listened to my alarm, got out of bed and got moving have been the best days I’ve had in a long time. Not only getting up and out of bed, but get some kind of movement in before almost anything else. Even if that’s a quick walk, some body weight exercises, or a full fledged workout just something to wake you up and keep you alert for the rest of the day. You feel a sense of accomplishment, and like you’ve started the day off right.

Getting up early looks different for everyone. If you start work at 10 and don’t have kids maybe that’s 7/8 o’clock. For me to really get anything accomplished before I go to work at 7, I need to be up by 4. Or I do not get time yo get anything accomplished. Do what works for you, but make an effort to make time for your goals daily.

2. Focus on one task at a time: everyone has a million things running through their head at all times. This is distracting us from whatever we are doing weather that’s work or something we enjoy. Some times it can take effort be in the moment and focus on what you are working on right now. I am by no means anywhere close to perfect on this, but I am working on it daily.

It can help to stop on occasion and take some deep breaths if you feel your mind drifting off. Being present in the moment can make life much more enjoyable. Until you are able to be better about this there are so many small details we miss in our every day life. This can happen in conversions with people, while sending emails, or even during exercise.

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