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A New Week: I Got the Bike Out

I got out of the house about 4:30 this morning. The plan was to get up about 3:45 or 4:00 go to the gym and get some lifting in, but I procrastinated getting out of bed.  Instead I got my bike out, road it to the gas station with half flat tires ( the pump I got the other day was not great for inflating flat tires)  Once I got some air in them the ride was not so bad.   I got about 45 good minutes of riding in, I was surprised at how soar my legs were from riding the bike. ( I guess maybe i’m just not used to that type of exercise.)

I got home and got a decent 10 minutes of meditation in. My mind still wanders all over the place when i’m working on it, but it still feels nice to try and clear all the shit thats running though my head out.  I got some new mushroom coffees the other day from four sigmatic.  I got a the basic 10 mushroom superfood blend, the viking blend, and hydration blend.  The 10 mushroom blend came in a tin so I ended up pouring all 3 blends into the tin and mixing those up.  Im not sure if they recommend that or not, but I haven’t noticed any negative side effects from mixing them yet.  Well I will try and get an update in this afternoon, if not Have a Great Day.

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