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A day of recovery.

Well the day was supposed to start at 5, but I just turned my alarms off after that. I ended up getting up about 8:30 getting both the kids out of bed and getting them ready for the day. Carrie was out early on a walk this morning. Much like yesterday it was pretty uneventful. Hung out around the house with Carrie and the kids, they are all recovering from some kind of bug they’ve had the past few day. I got another nap in this afternoon with my daughter Parker. This has been awesome the past couple days, she is normally not a cuddler at all. Yet yesterday and today she let me just pick her up mid afternoon, she laid her head on mine and we fell asleep.

Lunch I had a left over chick fil a salad and a protein shake, with some pb fit. Dinner I had a turkey hotdog and a half, half a brat, some green beans grilled in butter and garlic and stuff, and some mini bell peppers. The only exercise I got in was when we walked to sips and sprinkles a new ice cream place a mile or 2 from the house. It was pretty delicious, but I had to eat the shake with a spoon, it would not come through the straw. We met my dad and grandpa there so that was nice.

Well after a few days of slacking a bit, I will be back up at 4am tomorrow. It seems easier to get up on week days when I have stuff planned. Also if I just get out of bed when my alarms go off I feel so much Better the rest of the day, just getting up and moving sets me up for success.

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