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Decent, but a bit of a mess

Well today started later than I would have liked, but I snoozed from about 3:45. Until 6 or so. A bit of a waste, I should have just gotten up, but it’s always nice to lay in bed too. Had to get ready and head right into work. The day went pretty decent until about 3 o’clock or so. After that I really can’t say it went bad, but it ended up being a 16 hour total day and the site myself and another tech spent 10 hours at the problem did not get resolved. Food wise i did alright. I had my leftovers from last night for lunch, mostly vegetables, and a little beef, I did eat a Reese’s big cup with lunch though. (Although I did work outside in the humidity today for about 13 hours or so). Dinner was a bit of a shitshow DQ drive through at 10:30 at night, got a double cheese burger ate maybe half the bun, some of the fries, and a med blizzard. (Not great by any means, but much better than I would have done a few weeks back, and again I was climbing in and out of sumps, and lifting a bunch of stuff at work so it could be worse for sure.)

On a much brighter note, my wife’s blog https://travelingrealestatemom.com/ is officially up and running. She has been working on this for a long time. Hers looks much better than mine, it’s much more professional. You can definitely tell she spent some time on it. I’m more of a fire ready aim kind of guy, so just threw mine up one day and figured I’d polish it up later. I’ve given her such a hard time for not getting hers up until now, but it was worth the wait. If you get a chance I really think you should check it out.

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