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The Incredibles 2 and the Rest of the Day

We made it to the incredibles 2 at the theater. We parked way in the back to get some extra steps in. It was pretty awesome, minus the fact that we had the loudest kids in the theater.  (I’m hoping all the other parents were thinking the same thing about their kids, but idk it def felt like ours were the loudest)

After the movie we went to Meijer to get some groceries, the kids were really pretty good there which was super nice.  We got mostly healthier food I feel like which is a good feeling.   Once we got home Carrie started putting the groceries away and I tried to grab a bunch of stuff and started cutting it up and throwing it in a wok with olive oil in it.  We had some cut up beef, then I cut up Red potatoes, sweet potatoes, onion, cucumber(I thought I bought zucchini, but I messed up) mini bell peppers, garlic, garlic powder, salt, pepper, and lime juice, Oh and half a squash.  I Simmered it all together trying not to overheat the olive oil, it worked out pretty good.  Once I got everything cut up I ended up adding water to the wok and covering it, I wanted to make sure all the vegetables got cooked good.  It worked out well, I had it on just under medium for about another 15 minutes and everything was cooked all the way through.  It turned out much tastier than I would have thought.  I then did dishes, now the blog, then off to bed.

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