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A Possible Duplex to Purchase

So I was sitting at the kitchen table working on a different blog post while I waited for my wife to get home. My phone rings with a random California phone number. I ignore it, with all the sales calls I’ve been getting. A couple minutes go by and I get a voice mail so I listen to it. It was from a piece of direct mail I sent out 4 or 5 years ago to buy houses. I talked with the lady for a bit about the duplex, how long she’s owned it, why she was looking to sell and all that. So apparently a tenant is moving out and they have owned it for 40 years already! There is a one tenant that has lived in there for many years and she is staying. We will drive by later tonight then schedule a time to see it next week when the other unit is empty.

I mainly bring this up whole thing up because I think it’s pretty cool that if you work towards something and don’t quit good things will eventually happen. Obviously I have no idea if this property will work out or not, but I’ve been studying real estate, buying distressed properties for our own home, and going through the ups and downs of my first rental (making all kinds of mistakes) for about 5 years now. I have not always been as consistent as I should about treating real estate as a business, but the times Ive buckled down and worked at it good things always come up. So the main point here is if there is anything your working towards, just stick with it, be consistent, and don’t give up and you will get there eventually.

2 thoughts on “A Possible Duplex to Purchase”

    1. Thanks. Ya so far the 4 unit renal I have was an off market deal from making cold calls on Craigslist. With this one so far the area it’s in is pretty nice, I will drive by it later today to see the outside, then look inside next week.


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