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Back At It

Its been a few days, but I finally got back up at 4 like I’ve been trying too.  It is such a good feeling, maybe not the first few minutes but once you up and about.  I made it to the gym and continued the lifting program I’ve been on for about a week now.  Growing up I always avoided squats, dead lifts and similar exercises, so I have a very low output on these, but they do feel pretty good when you just do them and don’t think about it too much(obviously focus on what you’re doing and proper form and such, you can hurt your self if you don’t, but just don’t over think not wanting to do them I guess is I’m saying.)  The hour or so of lifting I got in feels really good.  I also got 10 minutes of meditation in this morning, I had a 4 day lapse on that as well (didn’t seem like it but time flys by though). It was nice to take a few minutes for this as well.   I’m still trying to stick to the intermittent fasting, but if there are mornings where I’m hungry, I’ll eat.  Today I think i’m going to have a protein shake with PB fit in it.  Well have a great day I may check in this evening.

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