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Time at the Park With the Kids

So I got home late from work last night, it was about 11pm.  I was then unable to fall asleep until about 2 in the morning for some reason, So I ended up not getting up when I would have liked.  I was up at about 6:15 so I could stop by the shop before my first call.  I had to pull another motor today and work in some more sumps, so I get some semi decent exercise at work.  I was able to get home much much earlier today at 4pm.

We then took the girls to the park!  They both climbed these blue arched stairish thing, they scare the shit out of me when then do it.  More so my 2 year old, shes still so small and has no fear at all.


They had a blast, we got a good 45 minutes in before we had to head home for dinner.  Carrie is making some Guacamole, and I’m grilling some chicken she marinated.   I also wanted a sweet potato, I put it on tin foil with some olive oil, I poked a bunch of holes in it, and put honey on it(we did not have any brown sugar)  Everything turned out pretty good, the sweet potato could have been better if I would have let it cook on the grill some more at a lower temperature.(Before and after of the potato)

We then all went for a couple mile walk.  It turned out to be a pretty awesome day.  Tomorrow is a lifting day so I will need to make sure I get up early and get to the gym.  img_0529

Oh and a quick picture of how my youngest daughter acts when she does not get her milk when she wants it.  Love these kids no matter how difficult they can be.  img_0519

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