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Day 1

Overall successful first morning. Up before 4, but not awake until the alarm went off. Then decided I didn’t want to get started off too good so set alarm for 4:15 up at 4:14. Went out for a wall/run/body weight exercises(push ups, squats, decline pull-ups at the park by our house) for about 45 minutes. Got in 10 minutes of meditation, mostly thought about stuff but the Calm app I’m using says that’s ok. Then recorded my first ever podcast on anchor.Fm. Then got Carrie up so she could go work out too before I went to work. Had 2 eggs, they were supposed to be over easy but I was trying to figure out the how to put the podcast up so they were a bit well done on one piece of 35 calorie toast with some chipotle turkey lunch meat. I washed all that down with some four sigmatic Chaga mushroom elixir. Not a bad start. Oh and official morning 1 weigh in 245.2.

The rest of the day went pretty solid. Had a semi short day at work 9ish hours. Started an Instagram, posted a video deal on there. Trying to figure out how the hell twitter works. Got a lot of support from all kinds of people. Managed to eat pretty decent all day, had a left over piece of pizza before dinner, we are trying to get the bad food out of the house and I don’t really want to throw it away. Got some ikea furniture built, well one piece. Once the kids got home from the store building anything went to shit all my tools and pieces started disappearing. My daughter penny was helping me hammer in nails by hitting me in the hand with it. So spent a few hours with them and my wife now time for bed 4am will be here way to soon.


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