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Day 2

Another good start got up at well 3:59 before the alarm, was also up a couple times earlier than that not sure why.  Got in an hourish of 95%walk/run.   Got home got some meditation in, still not sure how it all works, but ill keep at it.  Got a photo up of how I look now with my shirt off not a fan sorry about that, if I post one again, it’ll be after some progress for sure.  Got into the podcast studio (2005 Honda Pilot) put up just a couple of quick tips I came semi on the spot.(I Promise when I get some more time for this I will make it better, most importantly to me right now I want to keep putting stuff out there, it helps keep me motivated not that i’ve really had a chance to be unmotivated its been a whole 2 days)  Had more over easy eggs (actually over easy today) More 35 calorie Bread. and more chipotle turkey.  Had some more Chaga Mushroom Coffee also great stuff.  Carrie had a final walkthrough this morning for a house she’s selling, so I got to wake the girls up and get them in the car before work as well, going to be a good day.

Work was good got hot as shit in the afternoon, but it’s good for you. Didn’t get too much else accomplished today. I was able to become an amazon affiliate this morning and will be putting some hyperlinks to various thing I use on my journey to meeting my goals. Kids were crazy as usually, but I love them so damn much no matter how irritating they can be. Will finish off the night with some Reishi mushroom elixir then off to bed to be up at 4.

If anyone has any suggestions or ideas on things they like to hear/see from the blog please let me know.

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