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Outwardly seemed like a normal start, looked at my phone, got out of bed and got going. Internally total shit show. Wanted to go back to sleep, exhausted, had a Terrible headache, no motivation. So just got to it popped some ibuprofen and sinus stuff then got moving.

Normally I listen to podcasts when I’m doing pretty much anything I’m not needing attention for, but the first 2 minutes of the podcast I was listening to was just taking about how much constant information and bullshit is coming at us everyday. So I just pulled the head phones out and listened to the birds, watched the fog roll over the grass. It was pretty awesome, but again internally all I wanted to do was sleep.

I just kept pushing forward taking the day step by step, doubting stuff along the way. ( my minds kind of a dick) just the act of ignoring all that by focusing on the next step I was taking really helped. I find it’s crazy by how much action overtakes any other emotion, thought, or anything else you have. In my mind and on this blog I’ve decided I was going to achieve all those goals, but without just doing it I will get no where. It’s a super easy decision/action to take, but just as easy if not easier not to. So today just take something you want to do to achieve your goals don’t make any excuses and fucking do it.

Bout 12 hours at work today head ache lingering a bit. Wife and kids are at great America, good time to relax right.. nope got to paint our shed so the insurance company will ensure off. Food quick then off to Menards.

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