4 tips for Friday and the weekend!

4 tips for the Friday and weekend!

1. Stay positive:

No matter what you have going on there are so many people worse off. Keep a good attitude no matter what’s going on it will pass. If your really struggling seek out family, friends or a professional to help you through. Sometimes we all need some support.

2. Help someone else out:

It’s simple one of the best ways to feel better about you self is to do good for someone else. It’s the small things that make a big difference, hold the door for someone (I think you should always do this bugs the shit out of me when people don’t, but you never know what someone else has going on so still be kind) give someone that’s looking down a big smile, or help a friend out with something.

3. Be a little selfish:

Do something nice for your self. Take a few minutes go for a walk, eat your favorite food, hangout with a friend you haven’t seen in forever, or just sit by yourself for a few minutes. We’ve all got issues and challenges we are dealing with everyday. You can’t be the best you for your kids, wife, other family or friends if you don’t deal with yourself first.

4. Go fucking enjoy yourself:

You’ve earned it!

Sorry about the late post, had an early start at work. Decent start 4:08, then messing with my phone a bit and out the door. Crossed a black cat in the beginning of the work out, I think it’ll be good luck though. Got in a little more jogging today probably 25% of the workout. Then 2 eggs again and 1 35 calorie piece of toast. Off to work early to go start up a new Pick n save gas station in Stoughton WI.

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