Day 5

Bit of a late start 5:15, but was nice to sleep in compared to 4.Got in about 3 miles maybe almost 50/50 walk/run. I could tell I was actually exercising today, crazy amounts of sweat, outta breath, it’s a good feeling though. My wife says I’m a little crabby today, I’ll have to work on that. My wife got me a massage for for Father’s Day so I have that this morning it was pretty awesome. Oh and yesterday she tells me ya by the way your massage is not paid for lol. If you’ve never had one do it, totally worth it.

After I got home from the massage made my wife some eggs and ham, then she went to mow the lawn. I stated the lawn mower and had to move some bags of dirt, we were getting some water in our basement. Once I get back inside the house my daughter Penny shit everywhere so that was awesome. Why do kids insist on not staying still when your changing them? So she’s kicking her legs all over so I yell a bit dude stop moving your getting shit everywhere. She gets a little upset and says dad did I get shit everywhere, how do you stay upset.

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