Day 6

Day 6 started off great, got up 5:15. Got out for another walk/run for about an hour and a half. Went through some new areas today and saw some cool sights.  My legs have been getting sore the past few days, but I keep trying to push my self slowly towards my goals.

The meditation the past couple days has been pretty neat.  I cant really explain it, but its a really relaxed sensation that comes over me.  I have brief moments where I feel I am free of thoughts that constantly run though my head.  It only lasts for 10 or 15 seconds then my minds back to wandering all over the place, but when it happens it’s pretty awesome.

Food wise it was a great day for me. Not for the diet so much, but had some things I love. We get some half price pizza from Di cellos, and walked the the kids to the dairy ripple. Aside from that today I ate good though. I’m not sure how accurate the apple health app is, but with the exercise this morning, doing stuff around the house all day and the walk tonight I got in 11.9 miles and 7 flights of stairs. That’s pretty sweet if it’s anywhere close. Back to 4am tomorrow so off to bed.

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