Day 7 A New Start

Started off the day dragging major ass.   Had a sinus head ache, didn’t want to get up, yet out of bed at 4:15 and on the road.  Had a bit of a lazy workout, 99% walked about 2 miles.  It was really relaxing and I got a motivational podcast in.  Think I decided I was going to start intermittent fasting to help lose the weight and keep it off.  I was never much of a breakfast person before trying to lose some weight.  So I feel this will work well with how I was living before anyways.   I’ve read and listened a lot about it the benefits seem endless.  I know there will be articles 6 months from now saying how its going to kill me, but hey were all dying anyways.

This week I am going to join a gym preferable any one with a real stair stepper thats my favorite for cardio.  The other reason I want to join a gym is to add lifting into my weekly routine.  I will likely do the stair stepper 3-4 days a week, do it shorter one or 2 days and get some lifting in.  The other 3 or 4 days I want to keep the walking/exercising outside that has been amazing so far.

Ive got to head off to work I will update this later, wish me luck on the no food until 12 or 2 I haven’t decided.

Made it til 2 with a half a stick of gum and plain black coffee. We are slow at work so I got off early, Now lunch, below pic with 1 servingish of honey mustard Pringles (I know they are terrible for you, but I’m trying to get the bad stuff out of my house and they are delicious.

Went to the park with the girls while my wife shopped target. Ran around in the grass and played tag, that was pretty fun. Then off to the mall changed kids Butts then took them to play at a jumpy place. Super awesome day so far!

Finished out the day getting signed up for anytime fitness. Brought the kids home, ate some bbq chicken breast my wife made in the crock pot and a premier protein vanilla shake with 2 servings of PBfit. Ran to Aldi with my one daughter got some turkey breast, multicolored peppers and almonds for lunch the next few days. Then to Walmart to get a air thing for my bike tires and a lock, going to ride my bike to the gym tomorrow if all goes as planned. Got the kids a bath now off to bed way too late.

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