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1 Week Down

This is my official 1 Week mark from the time I decided to change my life.   In the past week I have woke up at 5:15 or before every morning(Mostly 4:15 or 4 saturday and sunday I was lazy) and worked out, started this blog with now 8 posts, posted 27 things to help keep myself motivated/accountable on social, posted 2 podcasts(they’re shitty but out there) worked 51 hours at my day job, spent more time with my kids, lost 7.4lbs (245 to 237.6) seem to have way more energy, and well thats mostly it I guess.

Today started at 3:45, well in a sense yesterday.  So I signed up for anytime fitness last night. I had my 2 and 3 year old with me for that was fun, not too bad really, but I swear everything I do with them my heart rate is 50 beats a minute higher. ( Love them to death though) Then came home and ate dinner and took 1 of my daughters to Aldi and walmart (to get some turkey breast for lunch, which I left in the freezer last night so I had to improvise this morning when packing.  I also needed an air pump for for my bike tires and a lock, my plan was to ride to the gym this morning.) So back to 3:45 today I get up and start pumping up the bike tires and start getting super frustrated to where I wanted to throw my bike across the garage. (I have very little patience especially with little unimportant shit I get over it quick though) So needless to say I just drove to the gym today.  I got in a good work out 30 minutes on the stair stepper, my favorite cardio ( about 67 flights of stairs it said).  Question about that so I was doing the fat burning routine they have on there and it requires you to set a target heart rate and stay below that.  Does it really burn more fat if you stay in that target heart rate?  I normally like to just push myself and slow down when I get tired then speed back up as soon as Im ready.  Had a good 10 minutes of meditation then packed lunch and wrote this.  Waiting for my wife to get home from the gym to head off to work.  I may not get this updated later today we are heading off to Iowa to see some family for the next couple days.

Well quick update. Got to Iowa had an awesome time celebrating the fourth early and my aunt Kim’s BDay. Ate a little later than I planned 9 instead of 8, also had a piece of cake and 2 beers, but well not start eating til 3 tomorrow and take a long river walk/run in a couple hours. Off too bed way too late! Ohhh and I forgot I did my first podcast interview on fat2happy check it out if you can.

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