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Day 8: Dubuque

Today started off a little different. I go downstairs at the hotel we are staying at. There is an old man standing in the lobby, he says to me

?????: hey were locked in

Me: what

(We both walk towards the automatic doors they open right up, neither one of say anything)

?????: where you headed?

Me: The river walk

Ron: Me to I’m Ron

I walked with Ron for about an hour or so. We swapped jokes, stories, about his life, me meeting my wife, our careers and various other things. The exercise wasn’t great because it was slower paced, and we had to stop and sit down every 5 minutes or so, but it was a really cool experience. One thing he kept coming back to was the passing of his wife, it was many years ago. This just reminds me how important your family, and living life to the fullest is, you never know how much time you have left.

When he headed back to the hotel I got in a pretty good run/walk, so far today I’m at about 5 miles and 8 flights of stairs. I saw some really cool, buildings boats, barges and an awesome sunrise along the river. I texted to see if my wife was up yet and waited to hear back from her before heading to the room I didn’t want to wake her and the kids up by coming back in.

So I got my first podcast interview with my dad done and posted yesterday it was a bit of a shit show, we were recording on my phone on speaker while driving. So if you take some time to listen please bear with the quality, I’m really trying to figure all this blogging, social media and podcasting out.

Well we have an eventful day planned with the family so I will get back to you later. Oh and I ate/drank until about 9 last night so the plan is nothing but no calorie drinks until 3 today.


So right after I get out of the shower and I’m drying off, my wife’s like honey penny puked all over the place(it wasn’t that bad). I think it might have been her milk, because she took a couple sips earlier then asked if I could put it back in the fridge.

Despite that it turned out to be a super awesome puke filled Fourth of July. We went to, breakfast at the hotel I was able to drink black coffee and water while everyone else was eating bacon, doughnuts, and other amazing breakfast food.

Then we hung out by the river walk for a bit. After that went to the water park in the hotel from about 10-1:00. Once we finished up there got the kids ready, and headed over to my cousins house. We got there at about 2:30, I sat on the couch slowly anticipating 3 o’clock so I could eat(I’m doing intermittent fasting, basically you eat for a 6/8/10 hour period, whatever you determine and fast the rest of the day.) I had a decent lunch meatballs off a meatball sub from subway, a bunch of fresh vegetables, some fruits, and a couple servings of chips, and some guacamole. We played some canasta and hung out until dinner.

Diner rolled around at about 7:30. I had a burger with cheese, half a piece of chicken, a pork chop, and half a piece of steak(Omaha steaks, had to pig out a little), more vegetables, and small amount of potatoes. I felt super full after so walked with my daughter, cousin, nephew and my uncles dog, up and down a big ass hill in my cousins yard.

My daughter, the dog, and I walked about another half mile down a hill my cousin lives on. The dog heard fireworks about halfway down, so we turned around, she’s a bit skittish. As soon as we start going back up the hill my daughter says her feet and tummy hurt and she wants me to carry her. So I haul her up the hill in one arm and holding the dogs leash with my other. (It’s humid as fuck out , so I’m dripping sweat, but feeling much better after the walk) We get back my Daughter seems fine for an hour or so. We are watching Mickey singing some of the songs, then somehow I start reciting big girl panties (a book my daughter loves and I know all the words too) I’m finishing the last line “do you wear panties? Yes you do, well then guess what ( my daughter normally reply’s what) and I say then your a big girl too,” but instead she throws up again, this time all over herself, into the cup of water I just gave her a sip of and in my lap(well side). Got her a bath, shot off a few fireworks with my uncle and cousin then back to the hotel. Well it’s way to late, 4am will be here too soon.

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