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Day 9: Some time with my grandpa

Up at 4:15 today, got out side and got some walking in while I waited for my grandpa to get up. Met him in the lobby of the hotel around 5 and we got a nice slow 2 or so mile walk in. We have not spent too much time together with just the 2 of us, so this was a nice opportunity. He lives in AZ so we see him once or so a year. The walk was pretty quiet, we didn’t talk too much, but it was nice.

After that we got coffee on the second floor of the hotel and checked out the local paper. I skimmed a couple of articles, and read all the comics.(my grandpa always used to read us those when we were younger). My grandpa nodded off at the table for a bit, but when he woke up we had some really neat conversations. We talked about family members that have passed, stories from his past, and some current situations in life. We both teared up a bit at different points. Definitely a good experience. If you have the chance to spend sometime with you grandparents I highly recommend it. From our conversations, I know there is somethings I need to take care of. My brother and I have a messed up relationship right now, and I need to make some time to work on that.

Once my daughters woke up my mom, the kids, and my wife all went on another 2 or so mile walk. I ended up carrying one my daughters at least half the time, so at least I got a little lifting in.

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