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Day 10: a little break

I Got up at 3:45 and 4:00 today, but I decided to lay back down until 6 this morning. We had late nights the past couple nights, so I took a little break from getting up early. I headed into work at 6:30.

In the past 10 days or so I have lost 9lbs by eating better, and doing some form of exercise everyday. I know the weight loss won’t keep going at that pace, but it’s a good feeling to get started. On Monday this week I stated intermittent fasting and that has been great. I’m only eating between 2-8 pm. I have never been a big breakfast person so it has not bothered me much.

I Had a pretty long day about 13.25 hours, then met my family at Weber grill in Schaumburg for dinner. I had a bbq meatloaf, with green beans, and mashed potatoes, it was amazing. Now hanging out at my great aunts hotel (she is in town for a wedding.). I will be back up to getting out of bed early tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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