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Day 15: One Day at a Time

This morning started out great, got out of bed when I wanted too at 4.  I needed my hammer drill for work today so I wasted about 10 minutes looking for that only to find it was already in my work truck, at least I found it though.   I got out and got about 3 miles of walking in.  I listened to some awesome podcasts along the way, Today it was The Model Health Show, this is a newer podcast to me, but so far I’m a fan.     I got home, then got in 10 minutes of meditation, still not sure exactly what it does, but you notice some neat things.

I making a lunch for today.  Im brining a vanilla premier protein shake, and have 2 servings of PB fit in a shaker cup already.(Ive done this before, it tastes amazing)  Then right now I have some cut up turkey breast, beef & chicken bone broth, and cut up mini bell peppers simmering on the stove.  The plan is to drink some of the bone broth before I leave the house, then have the rest as a soup for lunch.  I will probably pack some unsalted almonds too, and water.  Right now i’m enjoying my mushroom coffee superfood mix, so far out of all the ones I have tried, having the Reishi Mushroom elixir before bed is my favorite.  Well I will check back in later today.

Quick update. Super long day, headed to work at 7am. I had to go to spring field today. I did not get home until a few minutes ago at 10:30pm. I had to replace a card reader pedestal, then fix a really old dispenser electronic reset. It was a beautiful day though, sweated a lot, didn’t eat anything until 6:45pm cause I was busy, had a burrito from chipotle, and a coffee from Gloria jeans. Not the healthiest, but I’m sure I sweated it all out before I ate it.

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