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Life Gets in the Way, but Just Keep Going

Another day of not getting up when I really wanted too.  (6:30 Instead of 4ish) It happens though, I didn’t get home from work until 10:30 or so last night then by the time I got to sleep it was after midnight.

The day was pretty solid I got in about 10  hours at work, the last 3 were pretty frustrating though.  It was for a site where regular gas was not working, but the site only has one pump with 2 hoses and one motor.  Which should make it pretty simple.  This site is a little different though, they have sensors under the pumps, and in the submersible pits that tie directly into the power wiring of the dispenser, and submersible motor.  ( this is not normal)  This makes it a little more difficult to diagnose, due to the fact that its harder to know exactly what is not working, the sensor, the wiring, or the motor itself.   Again it still would not be so bad, but the pumps at this site are 20-30 years old, and their junction boxes are a rats nest of wires that are not labeled, or standardized really. Also both valves on the regular dispenser were clicking on and off, and the neutral wire had 120 volts on it, which is not normal or good.   I also have only ran into this type of sensor a couple of times, so I am not very familiar with them.  I was trying to remove the junction box lid to get to the wiring to check ohms on the sensor and make sure all wiring connections were good.  I tired the one in the submersible first, then the dispenser, they would not budge.  ( We also only put these sensors in a year or so ago, so I could not figure out why they were on so tight)  I was swearing at the electricians(they were not there, but it made me feel better at the moment) for putting the lids on so tight.  After cutting a lid in half 2 ways and drilling a hole about 2 inches into it, it turns out the lids don’t come off, they are 100% packed with seal off.  Well need less to say after talking to the manufacturer, it turns out the sensor is bad, and something is shorted out in the controller causing it to get voltage on the neutral, so we are ordering a replacement controller and sensor.  I consider myself pretty good at my job, but I am constantly learning new things everyday and making myself better.  Sorry for the tangent, it just started so I figured id finish it.

Anyways I got home from work, My wife, and one daughter were at woodfield shopping, and my other daughter was with her grandma and aunt.  So I still made it to the gym and got in a really good work out, 30-45 minutes of cardio, and about an hour of lifting. Oh and with the call I had that took longer than expected, all I had eaten all day was about 8oz of bone broth in the morning, and a protein shake with pb fit at about 4pm.  So I got some frozen yogurt with fruit, and some brownie and cookie dough balls in it, it was amazing.  I got home made some soup with bone broth, turkey breast, mini bell peppers, and spices, it was pretty good.

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