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A Decent Start

So we got to bed a bit later than I would have liked yesterday.  I ended up getting up at about 5:30.  I got outside and got a couple miles or so of walking in.   When I got home I got a decent 10 minutes of meditation in, which is always nice to sit and try to not think, thats maybe the best way to describe it.   I Made a cup of mushroom coffee and some bone broth to get the day started.  Since I woke up my left knee has been a bit sore.  I’m trying to take it a bit easier until that feels better.  I have had knee problems since the 8th grade ( I had a lateral release on both knees due to them dislocating often)  and last year dislocated my left knee again and tore my MPFL ( playing hacki sack, its a lame story).  So I am always adverse to leg type workouts like squats, which I did yesterday.  I have also never liked leg workouts and avoided those when I was younger too, maybe thats part of the issue.  Anyways, I will try to check back in this evening.

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