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A New Week

The Morning Started out pretty good, I got up at 4 like I planned. (think its been about 4 days since I got up at my planned time.)  I got out and got about a 3 mile walk in.  Im not sure why I don’t get up some mornings.  I feel 100 times better when I just get out of the bed and start moving first thing in the morning.  All I can do is take it day by day and try to develop it into a consistent habit.  I saw some weird shit when I was out walking today.  I saw what looked like a chihuahua(good thing for google, spell check had no fucking clue what I was trying to type) with a rat tail from the back.  Then it turned to the side, and Im pretty sure it was a 2-3lb rat. ( I don’t think i’ve ever seen one up close before).  About a half mile later a fox ran out in front of me. I also saw a black cat Im pretty sure i’ve seen the same one before.   Definitely a weird morning.

I got home and got in 10 minutes or so of meditation in.  I go back and fourth on how helpful it is, but I do feel there are some benefits.  I’m having black coffee with my mushroom coffee mixed into it for breakfast.  I’ve been semi consistent on the intermittent fasting.  I like it for the most part, but I’m unsure of the benefits.  I read/listen to so many conflicting opinions on it versus 24-72 hour fasts a few different times a month. Ive read all kinds of different opinions on it, but most of them tend to lean towards a 24-36 hour fast once a week, then a longer 72 hour or so fast once a month.  I may try to incorporate so of those as well depending on how I am feeling.

Well I just encourage everyone to get out there and have a great start to your week.  Please try and get in some movement outside of your normal stuff everyday.  Park in the back of the parking lot, walk to get your coffee, take the stairs, whatever works for you.  The Mindpump podcast I listen to talks a lot about increasing your NEAT non-exercise activity thermogenesis.  This is basically any movement, cleaning the house, playing with your kids, cooking dinner.  Doing little things throughout the day help keep your energy levels up and keep you from feeling lazy and lethargic.  For me I know this works for example yesterday all morning I was exhausted.  I got up about 8:30, ate and was hanging out with the kids, watching tv not doing much at all.  By noon I was exhausted and almost took a nap around 1 pm (which is not always a bad thing). I did not need to feel that way the majority of the day, I created that whole situation by being stagnant. The rest of the afternoon I did some little shit around the house thats been needing to get done and I felt great.   If you are someone that just sits, drives, or generally does not move much due to your work/life situation, just try adding movement into your day.  It does not need to be exercise just movement.  If you are not moving much, I challenge you for the next week to take a 5 minute walk 2 times per day.  One first thing in the morning, and the other either at lunch time, after work or shortly before bed.  Just try it and see how you feel, I promise you will be surprised by the results.  Sorry I went on a bit of a rant there but being more active is changing my life in big ways and I just want to spread the wealth.

If you are getting anything out of this blog (entertainment, motivation, encouragement, feeling smart because I write like a 3rd grader) can you please do me a huge favor and share it in anyway possible.  There should be some easy share buttons down below, or tell someone who you think it could help.  I would appreciate it so much.

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