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Good Start to a Great Day

I got up at 4:30, slightly later than planned. I got in a good hour or so of lifting and 15 minutes of walking 10 minutes up hill and 5 minute cool down. I felt bad though, because my wife could not make it to the gym, because I had to leave for work. I appreciate her not being too upset about it though.

I had coffee (well quad iced expresso w/whole milk) and a sting cheese for breakfast. Work was pretty decent, I had to pull a motor first thing in the morning, it was a light though. I then stopped by my house on the way to my next call because I was driving by, i grabbed gardetteos I had a feeling I may need them. Next call I had to breakout a couple of vapor adapters. They are not too bad, but always come out in pieces Because they are aluminum and screw onto steel. Last call I had was a bit of a mess, I ended up getting regular up and pumping on their gas pump, but no mid or premium. The pumps are about 25 years old and the manufacture can’t even tell us what part numbers we need it can be frustrating some time Oh and I got stuck at this call for like 7 hours so I’m glad I had the gardetteos

I got to my parents house about 7:15(they were watching our kids while my wife showed houses). I’m hanging out with them and typing this. I noticed I had a metal splinter in my knee, I didn’t feel it at all, just saw it. I got some tweezers and pulled it out, it was about a half inch long. It didn’t hurt at all until after I removed it. I think it was from the vapor adapters from earlier. I had some awesome chicken soup my wife made with bone broth for dinner (was supposed to be lunch, but that didn’t work out.) I hope everyone got out there and worked towards their dreams today.

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