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One Month in

I slept until about 6 today.  I wanted to make sure my wife had a chance to make it to the gym this morning.   She made it there but couldn’t get in the keys weren’t working.  She got in a good walk though.

I got off to work at about 6:30, I had to pick up a trailer to go calibrate a gas delivery semi this morning. I then had a call in DeKalb. It ended up being a long one for a fairly simple issue. It for sure had a bad push to start button, but It was acting weird so I swapped pretty much everything from on pump to another, and after the last part they both started working. Then I had a quick call in Genoa for an NOV from the fire Marshall.

Food wise I did pretty shitty today. I was kind of hungry this morning so I had a couple of Boston cream doughnuts from dunkin, but had a black iced coffee with it (so it could have been worse.). Then after getting stuck at the DeKalb call for a while I was really hungry and had a headache, so I drove through Wendy’s, got a Dave’s double plain with cheese,(ate less than half the bun) and 6 piece nugget. Dinner we had chilies, I got the mango chili chicken with broccoli, and rice with a house salad with honey lime vinaigrette (by far the healthiest meal I ate all day, but still not great.) we’ve been much better in general about making food at home, but it’s hard for us, because we never seem to be at home. After being better about making food at home though, idk how we ate out as much as we used too, the food doesn’t taste as good as home, and it’s so $$$$, not worth it for sure.

So it’s been 1 month since I started this blog/goals/weight loss journey and here’s a quick recap. My beginning official weigh in was 245 (normally around 250, but it was a couple days in). Now I’m at 231.8, so I’m down about 13lbs, pretty awesome for my first month, and I can definitely do better with my food intake. Workout wise I am happy with how i’m doing, there is always room for improvement.  Mainly I want to keep on this lifting program, and keep getting in more daily activity on the off days.  I also need to get some resistance bands too I am supposed to be doing these “Triggering” sessions 3 times a day on the off days (basically 5 band workouts 3 times a day, they should take 5 minutes or so each session.)

Debt payoff wise we haven’t made much progress.  We are about to refi our house from a rehab loan we used to purchase and rehab it.  After that we will likely use our equity to refi higher interest debt to lower our monthly payments/interest and accelerate the debt pay down with the “extra” money from that.  Within the next couple months we would also like to use a rehab loan to finish the last unit in our 4 unit rental as well.  This would bring in another $500 or so in rent, lower our interest rate (by 2-3% currently paying %7.75), and keep our payment similar to where we are now.  I also spoke with the owner of the duplex again today, I may be seeing the inside of it tomorrow  or the next day.  From talking to the owner it seems like they maybe interested in owner financing, so that would be cool.

As far as the blog/podcast goes, I have made 39 (after this one) and 3 podcasts ( I need to get some more work in on this, Ive got lots of ideas)  Hopefully inspired a few people.

If you are getting anything out of this blog (entertainment, motivation, encouragement, feeling smart because I write like a 3rd grader) can you please do me a huge favor and share it in anyway possible.  There should be some easy share buttons down below, or tell someone who you think it could help.  I would appreciate it so much.

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