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Another Week Down

I got up at 4 today and made it to the gym to lift.  It always feels better afterwards, but the first few minutes of the day are the hardest for me, and generally set a pace for the rest of the day.  When I start out lazy it is hard to break out of that mode for the rest of the day.  Its been a good week.  Food wise, not so much I’ve eaten quite a bit of shit this week.  I’m not sure if its because I’ve had kind of a lot of shitty calls at work so I’m stressed or what.  I guess shitty is not the right word, but challenging for sure.  This is a good thing for sure, because you learn and grow, but it can make it challenging to stay on the right path.  I still feel I’m overall doing much better than I was a month or so ago.

Work wise so far my day looks like it should be decent.   We get our calls the night before, so I usually review them, read the history on the site to see what we’ve done recently and try and plan out what I might need, or need to do.  It is not always helpful, but generally I feel it makes me more prepared for the day.

Overall working on and writing about my life has had a huge positive ROI for me.  So if you have any desire to do so I’d recommend stop procrastinating and take action today.

If you are getting anything out of this blog (entertainment, motivation, encouragement, feeling smart because I write like a 3rd grader) can you please do me a huge favor and share it in anyway possible.  There should be some easy share buttons down below, or tell someone who you think it could help.  I would appreciate it so much.


Have a Great Day!


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