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Great Weekend!

Its been a couple days since I’ve updated this.  I was just enjoying a great weekend.   Friday we had our nephew over for the night.  The kids all played and had a great time.  Saturday morning we all got up and my wife made us all breakfast Protein pancakes, eggs with ham, sausage, and some doughnut holes.   I then took all the kids to the mall for a story time at barnes and noble.  My dad met us there, so that was nice to have a little bit of help with the 3 of them.   With 3 kids there I feel like all I did was run back and forth to the bathroom the whole time, if it was not one had to go it was another, or parker was wet.  I’m not sure how parents with more kids do it, we have 2 for now and its definitely a lot.

I then dropped off Joseph with his mom, the kids and I went home.  My wife spent all day with her friend getting her hair done. ( she never gets time to her self though so she deserved it.)  Once the kids and I got home we laid down to watch some TV.  Within about 45 minutes Parker and I had fallen asleep, my oldest kept coming in and keeping me awake for a bit.  Once it got too quiet I went to check on her, she had fallen asleep half under her bed.   I laid back down and we all slept for another hour or so.  After that we got in a really good walk to get ice cream and go to the park, they had a blast.  My wife brought home chipotle when she came home from getting her hair done.  Always delicious.  The kids and my wife finished out the night watching Tangled, I laid in bed about halfway through. ( tiring day being with the kids even with the nap lol) I appreciate all my wife does for us, she has the kids a lot more than I do and I know its alot.


Sunday my wife made it off to the gym in the morning, I stayed at home with the kids.  When she got back I didn’t go, because we were trying to figure out what to do.  We decided last minute to drive up to Lake Geneva, WI to go to the beach.   We made it up there around lunch time.  We had lunch outside at a place named Harry’s.  The food was good the service was not the greatest, but it was still nice eating out side, it was beautiful out today.  We then walked over to Rivera Beach and spent a few hours playing in the sand, water, and walking the short bit of shoreline thats there.  It was super fun the kids had a great time.  Next we stopped into Kilwins a pretty awesome ice cream/candy chain, they have numerous locations if you are ever in a tourist town, they possibly have one.  We finished up the day there walking to Avant bicycle & Cafe and sharing a blended coffee drink I cannot remember the name of, but its amazing.  If you are every in Lake Geneva WI, I’d check them out for sure, the store is really neat, and their coffee is top notch. The kids were exhausted and sleeping on the way home so I stopped in walmart and picked up the resistance bands Ive been needing to get for the lifting program Ive been working on for a week or two now.   We got home I made some chicken sausages we got from Meijer the other day.  I thought they turned out pretty good, my wife was not a huge fan.  My daughter Penny ate them which is a huge plus, she is so hit or miss getting her to eat decent food.  It was an awesome weekend we are such a lucky family.

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