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A Wrecked Few Weeks

Its been almost 3 weeks since Ive posted anything, which also means its been about 3 weeks since Ive worked out or really ate as I should.   It started pretty much just having a couple rough days with my wife still being out of town and me being on call.  It was hard to keep a routine with her gone, but then add in going on call for work and made things more difficult.  It should have been only been a couple days off or maybe the rest of the week on call, but once I fell out of the habit it was just too easy to stay out.  So I had a few week unhealthy life bender, I guess you could say (This was pretty much the usual though prior to this blog).  I did no real exercise, paid very little attention to what I was eating, and had poor sleep habits.  Let me tell you I felt like shit most of the time.  Tired, anxious, irritable, not the person I want to be for sure.  The slight bump in temporary happiness from eating all the shitty food was not worth it at all.  The crazy part was most of the time throughout those few weeks, I knew what I was doing and what I needed to do to change it, but just didn’t.  Im not sure what the right answer is to prevent situations like that, but I think getting back into a routine is necessary for me.

Over the few weeks I’d say I at 60-70% complete shit, 20-30% decent food, and 10-15% how I should be eating for overall health.   If I could flip those 2 end numbers around I would be good with that for pretty much eternity.  I think it will be fairly easy to do I just need to say focused on it.  My Goal for this week is to aim to eat better, Lift 2 times (one I got done this morning), take some kind of walk daily and mainly track my food accurately so I can have a better idea exactly what I am eating.

So Today I got up at 4 like I wanted, made it too the gym and got some lifting in.  It was not what I had hoped for, but after 3 weeks off still pretty decent.  I definitely lost some strength.  I started the second phase of the work out program I started last month, I like the first one better so far, but once Im more acclimated to the gym again, this one may grow on me.  I got my ten minutes of meditation in when I got home as well, which was much needed.  I had a night during those few weeks, where I was just completely anxious and stressed out for no reason in particular at all.  I had to take 10 minutes and go sit outside and meditate.  Before I went outside my chest was tight, heart rate elevated, my wife was asking if I was ok.  I knew I was, but just super stressed for no reason, after I took the 10 minutes outside with the calm app, I felt 100 times better, still a little anxious, but way better. I know for me this is going to be some thing  I need to make a habit as well.

I hope I can limit situations like this going forward.  For me keeping a routine is going to be a must, otherwise its way too easy to fall into bad habits.

Well I hope everyone has a great week!  Don’t worry about the little set backs, just get back up and keep working towards your goals.

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