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A Few Days with the Kids

For about the next week I am on my own with the girls.(well after work I have sitters for the day) My wife is celebrating her sisters 25th Bday in California (Disney land)  then they are driving to vegas for a couple days and flying back.  Its been going pretty well, the kids are good overall.  The mornings have been a little different, I’ve had to get them up and ready to go,  then take them to one of our parents houses to get watched then before work.  It has been kind of nice, I get to to see them for a bit before work each day.  The only small downside, is I cant do much of a workout.  Last night we went for a pretty good walk and played at the park for a bit, which was nice.   This morning we had a last minute cancelation with baby sitters, so I started work a couple hours late once I found out my wife’s mom could watch them.

Tonight I think we might just hangout around the house a bit.  We went to McDonalds for the kids dinner, they shared a happy meal.  We then stopped at the salvation army for a few minutes.  I’ve bought and sold on ebay and amazon before, but on the Gary vee podcast today they talked a bit about flipping books, so I picked up a few to give it a shot.  It was hard to shop with the girls, but I managed to find 5 books that have some potential, so hopefully Ill get those listed tonight.  On the way home there was a train by our house, so I stopped at a taco truck and grabbed a couple of chorizo tacos for me.  We face timed with my wife for a bit when we got home.  She seems like she is having a good time so thats a plus.  Ive been keeping up with my off day band exercises so thats good, my daughter tried them out too.  Hopefully well make it out for a good walk again tomorrow night.

Well Wish me luck and have a Great Night!

If you are getting anything out of this blog (entertainment, motivation, encouragement, feeling smart because I write like a 3rd grader) can you please do me a huge favor and share it in anyway possible.  There should be some easy share buttons down below, or tell someone who you think it could help.  I would appreciate it so much.

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