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Cheat day?

Well today kind of turned into a cheat day.   I got up at about 4:15 to leave for work by 4:45.   I had some mushroom coffee, and a banana for breakfast.  I then stopped at a Starbucks when I got close to the airport and got a Quad Iced expresso with a splash of whole milk.   Working at the airport is always pretty cool.  You get to drive around with planes 20 feet in front of you, not to mention the crazy luggage car drivers that fly around all over the place in their little tugs.  All I can say about them is I am surprised at how little luggage gets lost with how some of them drive.    I had to install 7 communication cards at some different locations their today, it was pretty easy work.

Airport Tug

I then had a call for premium down at a Thorntons site.   They had a controller alarming SC (Short circuit).  I checked Ohms at the controller they were good between power wires, but very low to ground, indicating a possible short.  I hooked a new motor up to the field wiring, just about where the submersible goes into the ground, I still got an immediate short circuit alarm. I them moved the new motor to the Field side of the of the motor head, no more alarm, so the motor yoke is bad.  I replaced the top half of the yoke with the old motor installed still a short.  I then had to buy some new snap ring pliers to get the bottom snap ring out to replace the bottom half of the yoke.  I did all this in a 44″ wide by 5′ deep manhole in the pouring rain under a big blue tarp surrounded by cones and my van, but still cringing every time I heard loud noises because I could not see teh traffic with the tarp over the manhole.(wish I had a picture of it, it was quite the site.) After this I drove thru a place called Babes jumbo Hot dogs in Joliet on my way back to the shop for my annual review.  I had a Philly Cheese steak, with fries and a regular mountain dew ( I haven’t had pop in about 3 weeks or so) The review went pretty good I got a decent raise.



I then got home and paid a back log of bills.  Which can be stressful.  After that I ate probably a third of a half gallon of cookies and cream Ice cream.(probably stress eating.)  Then we needed to get some things from Menards so I picked up some junk food while I was there.   I ended up not eating much of it which was good, but now it is in the house.  Hopefully I can just snack on a couple of pieces on occasion then its not so bad having it around.  Overall a pretty good day looking back on it.  Tomorrow morning will be a lifting morning, Ill try and throw some cardio in there for sure too.  Just taking it One day at a time.

If you are getting anything out of this blog (entertainment, motivation, encouragement, feeling smart because I write like a 3rd grader) can you please do me a huge favor and share it in anyway possible.  There should be some easy share buttons down below, or tell someone who you think it could help.  I would appreciate it so much.

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